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pomini-puttana said: Dear Doctor Austria,

Frédéric Chopin is one of my favorite musicians. But that's off topic. I had recently gotten into a debate with a friend of mine. And I would like you to settle it. Did you teach yourself piano or did you have an teacher?

Dear Valentinephantomhive,

I am glad to see you have such refined taste. Any admirer of Herr Chopin is a friend of mine. On to your next question, I suppose it is a bit of both I had indeed taught myself, but have had great tutors instruct me later on, dear Fräulein.

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I— Who is this? I don’t just hand people or countries out to strangers you know. Spain is a worthy, capable guardian. I would never have handed dear Romano over had he been anything less.

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Anonymous said: Do you have feelings for Prussia???

My, these questions are getting a bit personal aren’t they?

I respect him as a fellow country.

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thisbeamainblogyay said: Hello Doctor Austria.
How is everything going for you? Has Prussia stopped being so annoying towards you?

Hello FerN.

Everything is splendid thank you, and you?

And ah, well I fear that is one of his traits. One that won’t disappear so easily. So I suppose no, is the answer. But I haven’t heard from him in a while…

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Anonymous said: What the most interesting thing in Prussia?

He is a very interesting, unique character. Much too many things to list. His history, for once. His strength on the battlefield was always something to be admired and feared by the soldiers. 

But as I said, much too many things to list. My, you’ve got me thinking of things from such a long time ago, haha…

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Anonymous said: What do you do whenever Prussia comes to visit you?

I suppose I do as any host would. Bake a cake, serve some tea, try to contain the damage, you know. The usual.

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Anonymous said: Prussia seize your Vital regions or you give to him?



… It was not willingly sir, I assure you. 

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doctors so far…..

http://doctorfrancis.tumblr.com/ — France

http://askarthur.tumblr.com/ — England

http://doctorromano.tumblr.com/ — South Italy/ Romano 

http://theherodoctor.tumblr.com/ — America

http://doctorroma.tumblr.com/ — Rome

http://doctormaple.tumblr.com/ — Canada

http://doctor-pasta.tumblr.com/ — North Italy 

…. i feel like i’m missing some/theres more to come

(Idiot that I am, I made a Canada one before seeing this, but changed it into Austria now, if anyone else has already made this, please let me know!)

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